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Management consulting

You can expect us to become your trusted management consultant-partner who stands by your side and helps you manage your company. More than ever, successful company leaders rely on the best team of experienced management consulting firms to take decisions and implement a ICT business strategy.
Our company's expertise is based on a mix of business and IT managers with academic degrees and a minimum of 20 years managerial experience. We help you to bridge the gap between management, people and technology.

IT consulting

Information technology is now an essential part of business strategy. All key players participating in your business (employees, customers, suppliers, media, government...) rely on your IT infrastructure like on a nervous system. We know IT. We know how people and IT interact. Computer consulting and people consulting: both are our way of life. Our IT consultants are in this industry since 1990. We know what works and what is hype. It's a pleasure for us to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

Our ICT consultants are business managers. We think it is a requirement to quantify the Return On Investment (ROI) and value of IT investments, and the impact on the entire business. We also think it is important to communicate the real value of IT to the people using it, in plain English, no geek speak.
If you are a business manager interested in increasing profits and lowering costs, in doing more with less, we can help you with your IT strategy and tactic. If you are an IT manager interested in maximizing the impact of IT on your business performance, and to show your management how your IT strategy improves the company's value: we can help you.

E-business consulting

E-business. Consulting. Most hyped terms. Fortunately, e-business and consulting both survive the hype. It's more than e-commerce, much more. What is e-business? There is more than one definition of e-business, but essentially it's about the basics of how future companies will work, survive and evolve in the business world. The famous quote remains true: 'e-business or no business'. All businesses will be e-businesses eventually, making the 'e' superfluous. You better rely on independent e-business consultants-partners who's advice is not 'biased' toward some products, suppliers or service providers. We do not resell third party products or services. We advise and implement successful e-business strategies. We can work with your existing partners. We can advise you about new partners. You can trust us to pursue only your best interests, without any hidden agenda.

Business Intelligence

Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence are the main resources for success in future business worlds. Working harder is not enough. Working smarter is necessary. How do you acquire it? How do you keep it? How do you breed it? We can help you.

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